Friday Night Lights; Releasing the Crackin’

Friday Night Game (Opening Season)All those long nights and weeks worth of practice during the hot nights of August have all lead up to this moment where Friday Night transforms itself into something magical. Something so great that it’s limited to just a few weeks of the year.

On this night family members and community spectators will travel miles after a long work week to experience and be a part of the magic.

It is a night where young men and women across this great country of ours will meet on a field of green and do battle against each other. One team will leave the field with their spirits high and victory flowing in their blood. While the other will leave the field filled with the sadness of a loss, though hopefully will be reminded of a quote from one of the games greatest people to ever walk on the field.

Vince Lombardi – “We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.

For our boys, this years season starts with a Friday Night Home game for the oldest followed by an away game on Saturday for the youngest.

Both boys are new to the game this year.

The oldest finally reaching a physical size and desire to play the game while the youngest finally reaching the minimum age requirement that he has been aware of since about the age of 3.

For myself this is that time of year where I now am permitted to encourage the boys to be aggressive, be angry, go tackle that other player and do it as hard as you can. I encourage them to feel no fear and to confront their opponents with as much speed and force as a locomotive.

I do this because much like Zeus in the movie Clash of the Titans I am hoping to “Release the Crackin”. Though what I am looking to release is not the mythical beast controlled by Zeus working under the guide of Poseidon (Kraken).

Rather mine is a beautiful event seen and heard only in football when two bodies traveling in opposing directions hit each other with such force that the sound of their helmets and pads meeting lets out a sound making those nearby cringe in excitement. For those not familiar with the sound the best description would be to send you to a local hardware store and to have you smack 2 pieces of a 2×4 together on their flat surface as hard as you can.

I think everyone who watches football has seen the visual effects of when the “Crackin” appears. It is that play where people in the room curl their body into a quick and partial fetal position accompanied with an expressive “oooohhhhh” and “ahhhhh” to somehow show that they can actually feel the pain the players themselves must have gone through.

It is this event that I now find myself describing to the boys as those rarest of plays in football where lovers of the game will stand and holler.

It is my opinion that in a football game there are two plays that everyone will remember.

The one where someone scored and then the other which is in my opinion the best and most exciting play.

The one where the “Crackin” is released!!!

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Dinner was just delicious

BBQ Ok so I have been out of town on business for a bit and had various ideas for an article to write but to be honest I just lacked the mental drive to actually sit down and write one.

I prefer to blame the fact that each night as I returned to my hotel room I suffered from sleep deprivation. However in all honesty I was just not interested enough to actually sit down and take the time to write. In all reality what I really wanted was a quick internet fix (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and then to watch a movie and eat my dinner.

So yesterday my wife and I agreed it was time for us to take a drive and have some really great BBQ. We of course agreed that it had to be from this little remote BBQ restaurant we found several months ago about an hours drive away in Walker, CA.

As we left the house with various kids in tow we of course were treated with the “where are we going?”, “are we there yet?”, “do I really have to go??” and various forms of other complaints all of which I reply with a statement designed to depress and frustrate them even further.

Hey listen I love my kids and and all but it is these moments of family bonding that I enjoy the most. I get to tease them with answers like “we are going crazy and you’re driving!”, “no we aren’t there yet but ask me again and I will slow down and make the drive even longer.” followed of course by my personal favorite “if you don’t go then who will I get torture?”.

As we get there who comes to seat us at our table? Why it’s Chopper the self designated host of the restaurant and then suddenly this place no longer sucks because the kids have a dog to play with and make do tricks.

Chopper is the house dog that we learned tonight was a rescue dog the owner picked up. He is very calm and quietly goes from table to table checking on patrons never making a sound or inappropriate act.

The waitress informed us tonight that Chopper stopped eating his dog food about a month or so ago. Who can blame him with all this great food that I am sure “falls” from the table.

As each table gets served their food Chopper quietly goes to the table and sits at a distance and just watches. I suppose he wants to let the customer know that he isn’t begging but if they feel so inclined to send some food his way there will be no objections.

I admit that I gave into his act and “dropped” some food for him to have. As you can tell from his round belly we are not the only ones to be feeding him. I think if you combine all the homemade french fries that the kids didn’t eat he probably got a whole basket just from our table alone.

Dinner of course was delicious!!!  Tonight Kelly and I agreed to share a plate and went with the sampler. To be honest I have tried several different things from the menu and I there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t recommend.

As the time came for us to leave my youngest (Michael) had asked if the owner would show him the BBQ machine. So I decided to use this as an opportunity to snap a picture. All the kids of course (that included Chopper the Dog) are excited and want to get in on the picture. As you can tell from all those miserable faces that the kids just hated this place.

At this point I thanked the owner for the wonderful meal, putting up with my kids and also thanked him for the inspiration I needed to write this weekends article.

So if you really desire some delicious BBQ then head over to this place and check it out. When you get there make sure to tell Chopper that we said “Hi”.

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Hello World!!! (not just another programming exercise)

Well maybe I should introduce myself as my first blog???

I am not totally sure there is a single description that fits who I am. Many years ago I would have told you I am a software developer.

Then came my daughter which I guess made me a software developer and a dad.

A year or so after a divorce from my daughters mother I meet my current wife (been together over 10 years now) and with her son and then later our son together (he is 5 years old) I became a software developer, dad, step-dad and husband. Then if you couple with that my interest in business, politics and investing you maybe get a slight glimpse of who or what I am.

Marry all that together throw in some “seasoning” toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for a lifetime and you get the person that I am today…  not really sure how to describe because at times I don’t even know who I am.

In my blog here I plan to post on various happenings in my life or observations of what I see happening in our world. Mostly though I plan to share my viewpoints and gather some constructive criticism.

Hopefully for those that are brave enough to follow you will learn something new along the way and of course help me look at things in a perspective different from my own.

Enjoy…    =)

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