Hello World!!! (not just another programming exercise)

Well maybe I should introduce myself as my first blog???

I am not totally sure there is a single description that fits who I am. Many years ago I would have told you I am a software developer.

Then came my daughter which I guess made me a software developer and a dad.

A year or so after a divorce from my daughters mother I meet my current wife (been together over 10 years now) and with her son and then later our son together (he is 5 years old) I became a software developer, dad, step-dad and husband. Then if you couple with that my interest in business, politics and investing you maybe get a slight glimpse of who or what I am.

Marry all that together throw in some “seasoning” toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for a lifetime and you get the person that I am today…  not really sure how to describe because at times I don’t even know who I am.

In my blog here I plan to post on various happenings in my life or observations of what I see happening in our world. Mostly though I plan to share my viewpoints and gather some constructive criticism.

Hopefully for those that are brave enough to follow you will learn something new along the way and of course help me look at things in a perspective different from my own.

Enjoy…    =)

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